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Unique investment opportunity

Our fund structure is designed to yield 20+ % IRR, even accounting for potential "black swan" campaigns.
Return profiles are attractively asymmetric and skewed, with large upsides and small downsides, with no cash-calls in the vast majority of cases, and a short investment cycle equal to the campaign duration (typically 1,5 years for a campaign)

Benefits for operators

Every well has its own characteristics, operators set their specific requirements, and no single well P&A-program has a 100% standard scope.
Yet executing projects in campaigns is the single-most effective way to save ABEX - typically up to 50% for a 15+ well-campaign.
DecomPartners facilitates innovative financing to execute multi-operator campaigns of decommissioning projects

Campaign benefits

We have developed our proprietary, confidential tender process. This normalizes cost-estimates per project, to distribute campaign benefits transparently and fairly.

Cost certainty

By sharing project risks in a campaign and attracting new equity investments, our new approach creates complete and upfront cost certainty.

Innovative financing

We develop tailored financial instruments for participating operators, that allow mitigation of write-offs in case of ARO-underprovisioning.